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CEO Greeting

BNK Financial Group, which has grown into becoming one of the top five financial groups in Korea, on the strength of the support of the customers and the shareholders, will leap into becoming a 'global top-notch regional financial group' through 'two-bank-one-process' management efficiency and customer-oriented digital finance.

Chairman and CEO, BNK Financial Group


  • Branch Manager, Busan Bank Noksang Central
  • Regional Operation Head, Busan Bank
  • Vice President Assistant, Busan Bank
  • Vice President, Busan Bank
  • Vice President, BNK Financial Group
  • Presently President, Busan Bank
  • Chairman and CEO, BNK Financial Group

First of all, I would like to express my deep gratitude to you, the customers and the shareholders, for your unstinting love and encouragement to BNK Financial Group.

BNK Financial Group, which was launched as the first financial holding company of the provincial bank on March 15, 2011, has continued to innovate through the unified efforts of its employees in the face of difficulties and as a result, it leaped to become one of the top 5 financial groups in Korea with 8 subsidiaries (Busan Bank, Kyongnam Bank, BNK Investment & Securities, BNK Capital, BNK Savings Bank, BNK Asset Management, BNK Credit Information, BNK System).

2017 is also expected to be a difficult year in terms of internal and external management environments, but BNK Financial Group intends to make a strong move toward our mid-to long term vision, ‘the VISION 2020, a global first-class regional financial group’, through our management policy this year, ‘GREAT INNOVATION 2017, Establish future growth system and strengthen management efficiency’.

In order to achieve this, while we will push forward the ‘two-bank-one-process’ management efficiency program in earnest that can maximize the synergy of Busan Bank and Kyongnam Bank two-bank system, we will realize the future digital finance that can approach the customers closer by focusing on Fintech capabilities of the group centered around “Sum Bank”, which is the key mobile platform of the group that started in March last year.

Additionally, in order to revitalize the local economy that has become difficult due to the economic downturn and to support the local community, while BNK Finance adds breadth and depth of 'happy financial business' which is the representative social contribution activity of BNK Finance that we have been promoting since 2012, by deciding “happy finance that provides hope” as the management slogan for 3 straight years, BNK Finance promises to do our best to be a financial group that is loved and trusted by our customers and a financial group that makes our customers happy by faithfully fulfilling the duties of the officers and the employees of the group for financial consumer protection and management integrity.

We ask for unwavering love and support from our customers and shareholders to BNK Financial Group that will take another leap through the ‘two-bank-one-process’ management efficiency program and customer focused digital finance, and we wish health and happiness to your family always in 2017.

Thank you.

2017. 1 Chairman and CEO, BNK Financial Group Se-Whan Sung