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Group Organization

  • General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Board of Directors
    • Board Steering Committee
    • Risk Management Committee
    • Compensation Committee
    • Executive Nomination Committee
    • Audit Committee
      • Group Audit Division - Corporate Audit Department
  • C E O
    Group Strategic & Financial Planning Division
    • Strategic Planning Department
    • Finance Management Department - Internal Accounting Control Team
    • New Growth Strategy Department - IR Team
    Group Business Support Officer Division
    • Public Relations Department
    • Business Support Department - CSR Team
    • Executive Assistant Office
    Group Risk Division
    • Risk Management Department
    • Loan Review Department - Risk Validation Team
    Group D-IT Division
    • Digital Strategy Department
    • IT Strategy Department
    Group WM Division
    WM Planning Department
    Group CIB Division
    • CIB Planning Department
    Group Global Division
    • Global Strategy Department
    BNK Finance Research Institute
    Regional Research Center
    Group Human Resources Development Institute
    Compliance Officer
    • Compliance Department