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Message from CEO

This is Bin Dae-in of BNK Financial Group CEO

BNK금융그룹 회장 빈대인 사진 이미지

BNK Financial Group will grow together with customers, the community, and shareholders.

  • Busan Bank Regional Headquarters Manager
  • Busan Bank Assistant Vice President
  • Busan Bank Vice President
  • Busan Bank President
  • CEO and Chairman of BNK Financial Group

First, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to our customers and shareholders who support BNK Financial Group with commitment you have made.

Based on the strong trust of its customers, BNK Financial Group has established itself as Korea's leading financial group with two banking subsidiaries and seven non-bank subsidiaries.

Now, we will focus all of the group's capabilities and carry out the following actions so that BNK Financial Group can grow on the global stage along with the region.

we will create customer-oriented finance from the customer's perspective so that it goes beyond customer satisfaction and leads to innovation in customer value.

we will diversify shareholder-friendly policies and strengthen communication with shareholders to become a financial group that is more recognized in the market.

the local community is the home of BNK Financial Group.
We will grow together with the local community by providing practical financial support to revitalize the local economy.

by establishing a corporate culture centered on right management, we will increase employees' pride and the group's future competitiveness.

We ask for your continued interest and support in the challenge of BNK Financial Group, which is taking a powerful leap forward with a completely new look, and we hope that blessings and good luck will be with your family and work.

Thank you.

2023. 3
Bin Dae-in of BNK Financial Group CEO
빈대인 사인