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CEO Greeting

Thanks to the strong support of our customers, shareholders, and region, BNK Financial Group that has grown to a representative financial group of South Korea will make a new leap forward by building a new management platform in 2018.

Chairman and CEO, BNK Financial Group


  • President & CEO,Bookook Securities Co., Ltd.
  • President & CEO,Hyundai Securities Co., Ltd.
  • President & CEO, Hana Financial Investment Co., Ltd.
  • Vice Chairman, Hana Financial Group
  • Standing Adviser, Hana Financial Investment Co., Ltd.
  • Statutory Auditor,Sunlin University
  • (Present) Chairman & CEO, BNK Financial Group

First, we would like to deeply appreciate our customers, shareholders, and everyone in our region who send constant trust and encouragement to BNK Financial Group.

Established as the first financial holding company based on region on March 15th 2011, BNK Financial Group has become a representative financial group of South Korea with 8 affiliates (Busan Bank, Gyeong-nam Bank, BNK Capital, BNK Investment Securities, BNK Savings, BNK Asset Management, BNK System and BNK Credit Information thanks to all your love and trust.

In 2018 which we expect to have a stronger wave of 4th industrial revolution, BNK Financial Group will set ‘Great Harmony 2018: BNK New management platform Building’ as its management direction and carry out the strengthening of non-interest/non-banking sector and digital transformation.

4 Core Businesses of BNK Financial Group: WM, CIB, Global, Digital

To create synergy in the asset management sector, CIB will find competitive product in the capital market and global will find competitive product abroad, while WM sector will strengthen channels and services, and digitalize a comprehensive living-based financial service platform to cultivate customers’ economic happiness.

BNK’s Social Responsibility: Practice of productive and tolerant finance

To revive region’s startup ecology, BNK Financial Group will strive its best as the regional financial group and lower the barriers of finance by connecting affiliates for people to use the regional financial system more conveniently.

Invisible Assets of Finance: Customers and employees

By actively fulfilling integrity management and ethical management that prioritize on customers’ benefits and expanding its investments into fostering finance professionals that become the basis of differentiated financial services, BNK Financial Group will develop invisible assets.

We would appreciate more interest and support towards BNK Financial Group’s, and always wish for your health and happiness in your family.

Thank you very much.

Chairman and CEO, BNK Financial Group Ji-Wan Kim