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CEO Greeting

“Grow one, Grow with”
BNK Financial Group will grow together with customers, communities, and shareholders.

Chairman and CEO, BNK Financial Group


  • President & CEO, Bookook Securities
  • President & CEO, Hyundai Securities
  • President & CEO, Hana Financial Investment
  • Vice Chairman, Hana Financial Group
  • (Present)Chairman &CEO, BNK Financial Group

Dear fellow stakeholders,

I would really like to thank our customers, clients, and shareholders for supporting BNK Financial Group with unwavering trust and encouragement.

As a result of consistent innovations and challenges throughout a period of profound and tough economic and financial environment change, our company that became the first regional financial group on March 15, 2011 has grown as the leading financial provider with 9 subsidiaries such as Busan Bank, Kyongnam bank, BNK Capital, BNK Securities, BNK Savings Bank, BNK Asset Management, BNK Credit Information, BNK System, and BNK Venture Investment.

Take the initiative ∙ Horizontal Leadership
Finance is defined as a human being. Financial value for customer priority stems from taking the initiative among individual members as well as horizontal leadership. We are committed to implementing moral management by giving and returning this value to society.
Trust ∙ Ethical Management
The essence of finance is trust. The unchangeable value is sincerity to customers even if times and paradigm of society have changed and developed over the years. Based on this basic value, we continue to maintain the core element of finance with moral management principle and ethics.
Global ∙ Digital
The keywords for future finance are Global and Digital. With talented human resources that optimized global and digital businesses, we will expand into new global markets and build a distinctive ecosystem.
Indefinite responsibility in regional finance
BNK’s growth is deeply rooted in region. The affection and support from regions and customers make us who we are. We will go forward partnered with communities, developing diversified financial solutions and delivering on commitments.

I hope you give us continued trust and support in our challenges that lead us to unprecedented way for setting a new standard in Korean financial industry. Wishing you and your families a year filled with happiness and good fortune.

Thank you.

January 2020

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ji-Wan Kim