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BNK Capital

B.N.K Capital

  • EstablishmentJuly, 14, 2010
  • Address1, Saessak-ro, Busanjin-gu, Busan, 9th floor of Bujeondong Branch of Busan Bank
  • Tel051-665-1000
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※ Wholly Owned Subsidiary of BNK Financial Group
※ Wholly Owned Subsidiary of BNK Financial Group

Loan service to your specific need BNK Capital offers various loan and Financing services for you
BNK Capital is a credit finance corporation 100% financed by BNK Financial Group managing the businesses such as personal credit facility, lease financing, installment financing, business loan factoring, bill discounted, and auto loan and especially concentrating on the financial support for the ordinary people.


BNK Capital CEO
Doo-ho Lee


All the employees of BNK Capital promise to work in unison for the happiness of the customers with the customer value ahead of everything, to be a company which contributes to society, and to be a company where all employees can work together happily.

Business Career

  • 1974 Joined Busan Bank
  • 2007 Head of Credit Planning Department, Busan Bank
  • 2014 Head of Regional Division, Busan Bank
  • 2015 Assistant Vice-chairman, Busan Bank
  • 2016 Vice-chairman, Busan Bank
  • 2019 CEO, BNK Capital