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BNK Capital

  • EstablishmentJuly, 14, 2010
  • Address1, Saessak-ro, Busanjin-gu, Busan, 9th floor of Bujeondong Branch of Busan Bank
  • Tel051-665-1000
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※ Wholly Owned Subsidiary of BNK Financial Group

Leap forward as a global brand company
BNK Capital provides a variety of specialized financial services from personal finance to automobile finance, leasing finance, installment finance, corporate finance and investment finance.

With our digital platform network and ESG management system, we are developing new businesses and making inroads into the markets of Southeast Asia and Central Asia.

We are going to leap forward as a global brand company by pursuing innovation and rising to new challenges.


BNK Capital CEO
Doo-ho Lee

Dear Customers,

In the face of the coming era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the accompanying transition to digital technology, BNK Capital seeks to sustain growth via the digitalization of the financial environment and customer-focused financial services. We shall do our best to fulfill our social responsibilities and establish a fair and transparent corporate culture.

Business Career

  • 1974 Joined Busan Bank
  • 2007 Head of Credit Planning Department, Busan Bank
  • 2014 Head of Regional Division, Busan Bank
  • 2015 Assistant Vice-chairman, Busan Bank
  • 2016 Vice-chairman, Busan Bank
  • 2017 (Present) CEO, BNK Capital