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BNK Capital

  • EstablishmentJuly, 14, 2010
  • Address1, Saessak-ro, Busanjin-gu, Busan, 9th floor of Bujeondong Branch of Busan Bank
  • Tel051-665-1000
  • Webpage
※ Wholly Owned Subsidiary of BNK Financial Group
BNK Capital is always there for you

BNK Capital is a comprehensive lending company that provides financial services including personal loans, business loans, leasing, installment loans, corporate finance, and investment finance.

We will be your reliable financial partner that
grows with you by expanding digital financial
services and diversifying our portfolio.
BNK Capital is here to ensure your happiness.


BNK Capital CEO Ye, Kim, Sung-Joo
BNK Capital CEO
Kim, Sung-Joo


BNK Capital will continue to grow in a rapidly changing financial environment through customer-oriented digital innovation and enhanced service capabilities.
We promise to always put our customers' interests first and fulfill our corporate social responsibility and duty.
We promise to reward your loyalty and trust.

Business Career

  • 1989 Joined the Busan Bank
  • 2011 Executive Assistant, Busan Bank
  • 2015 Department Manager, Ulsan Business Department of Busan Bank
  • 2017 Head of IB Division of Busan Bank
  • 2018 Head of Credit Business Division of Busan Bank
  • 2020 Head of Group Risk Division of BNK Financial Holdings (Executive Manager)
  • 2021 Head of Group Global Division of BNK Financial Holdings (Vice President)
  • 2022 CEO of BNK Credit Information
  • 2023 (Present), CEO of BNK Capital