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BNK Busan Bank

  • EstablishmentOct, 25, 1967
  • Address30, Munhyeongeumyung-ro, Nam-gu, Busan
  • Tel051-642-3300
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※ Wholly Owned Subsidiary of BNK Financial Group
“We will make a new future of finance by becoming a reliable partner for customer and local community.”

Sincerely thank our customers for consistently supporting Busan Bank.

Founded in 1967 with the mission of revitalizing the local economy, Busan Bank is opening a new chapter for Korean local finance.

Through challenge, change and proper finance, we will grow together with customers

With the goal to be the best bank for customers, we will move into the future together with our customers by practicing the proper finance that innovates constantly, thinks properly and acts properly.


President and CEO, Busan Bank Bang, Seong Bin
Busan Bank CEO
Bang, Seong Bin

We will continue our efforts for a better society and a better tomorrow.

As a reliable partner for customers and local
communities, we will always take the lead
in practicing compassionate finance and creating
a better society and a better tomorrow.

Business Career

  • 1989 Joined Busan Bank
  • 2009 Department manager of Management Innovation Department
  • 2010 Head of Secretary’s Office
  • 2012 Branch manager of Hakjangdong Branch
  • 2013 Branch manager of Jangyu Branch
  • 2014 Department manager of Corporate Audit Department
  • 2016 Department manager of Compliance Department
  • 2017 Department manager of Management Planning Department
  • 2018 Head of Management Planning Division (Managing Director)
  • 2020 Head of Business Strategy Group (Vice President)
  • 2021 Head of Group Global Division, BNK Financial Group (Executive Director)
  • 2023 (Present) 14th President and CEO of Busan Bank