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BNK Busan Bank

B.N.K Busan Bank

  • EstablishmentOct, 25, 1967
  • Address30, Munhyeongeumyung-ro, Nam-gu, Busan
  • Tel051-642-3300
  • Webpage
※ Wholly Owned Subsidiary of BNK Financial Group

Taking off as the representative regional financial group of the Southeastern economic bloc
Busan Bank continues to produce favorable management performance through preemptive risk management and continual management innovation. Meanwhile, it was designated as the official safety box for the region’s public institutions such as the City of Busan and Busan City Board of Education, consolidating its position in the core market.

Moreover, the bank launched the Neo BNK, the next generation IT system and successfully completed projects that require considerable investment such as the opening of the BNK Financial Group’s Busan Bank Training Center and others. On December 2012, it became the first regional bank to open up a branch in a foreign country as it opened the Qingdao Branch in China. Accordingly, the bank laid down the foundation for the entry into the overseas markets. In addition, the bank is focusing on infra expansion as well to ensure bank’s long-term advancement.


Busan Bank CEO
Dae-In Bin


Busan Bank that is celebrating its 52th anniversary this year will continue to cope with the environment changes in an preemptive manner by expanding sales foundation centered on quality with the management principle of 'strong and sustainable quality growth.'

Business Career

  • 2008 Department Manager of Management Innovation, Busan Bank
  • 2009 Personnel Manager, Busan Bank
  • 2012 Branch Manager, Sasang Industrial Complex
  • 2008 Head of Regional Division, Busan Bank
  • 2012 Deputy Vice President, Busan Bank
  • 2016 Vice President, Busan Bank
  • 2019 (Present)President of Busan Bank