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B.N.K Credit Information

  • EstablishmentJune, 2003
  • Address92, Beomil-ro, Dong-gu, Busan, 5th floor of Beomildong Branch of Busan Bank
  • Tel051-890-5000
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※ Wholly Owned Subsidiary of BNK Financial Group

Customer-oriented Receivables management BNK Credit Information is a professional credit information company which provides the best services to the customers and carries out tasks of debt collection and credit investigation. In addition, BNK Credit information performs a fundamental role in realizing the value of the customers as the general consultant by employing the excellent persons of wide experience and professionalism based on the credit management system.


CEO of BNK Credit Information
Dong-Hwa Sung


Good morning. BANK credit information promise to provide high-quality credit management services and to impress the customers through the expansion of the scientific credit management system and development of high skilled manpower and to grow into the outstanding credit information company with the customers centered around Busan and Gyeongnam areas.

Business Career

  • 1988년 Joined in Busan Bank
  • 2010년 Head of Financial Market Support Department, Busan Bank
  • 2011년 Head of Trading Department, Busan Bank
  • 2014년 Head of Capital stock Department, Busan Bank
  • 2015년 Head of Division, Busan Bank
  • 2016년 Deputy Vice-President of Busan Bank
  • 2018년 Vice-President of Busan Bank
  • 2020년 Present) CEO of BNK Credit Information