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BNK System

B.N.K System

  • EstablishmentMay 20, 2011
  • Address21, Mieumsandan-ro 127beon-gil, Gangseo-gu, 
Busan, Republic of Korea (3th floor, BNK Financial Group IT Center)
  • Tel051-602-1700
  • Webpage
※ Wholly Owned Subsidiary of BNK Financial Group

The Region’s Best IT Service Company
BNK Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of the BNK Financial Group that specializes in financial IT. The company’s role in the financial group is to fulfill the various IT demands of its sister companies. BNK Systems will also serve regional SMEs by developing and providing IT solutions that will enhance their market competitiveness. The company will also strive to create an environment that encourages highly quality IT talent to stay and work in the region.


BNK System CEO
Nam-Hwan Oh


BNK Systems’ management and employees recognize our core value being the creation of customer value. With our core value as the foundation, our vision is to become the region’s best IT service company by providing superior IT services, continuously pursuing innovation, cultivating the best talent, building mutual trust, and achieving unity and harmony. We ask you, our valued customer, for your advice and your continued support.

Business Career

  • 1974 Employed in Busan Bank
  • 2007 IT Planning manager, Busan Bank
  • 2009 BPR support manager, Busan Bank
  • 2011 CEO at BS information system, Inc.
  • 2013 CIO at Busan Bank
  • 2015 Deputy Vice President, Busan Bank
  • 2016 Vice President , Busan Bank (IT Director)
  • 2017 Managing Director of BNK Financial Group(IT Director)
  • 2017 Vice-President of BNK Financial Group (Head of Group IT Division)
  • 2019 (Present) CEO, BNK System