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Responbility and obligation towards customers

Acting on the customer satisfaction centered management

  • To continue to create customer satisfaction, employees must think from customer’s viewpoint and should try their best to provide the values that customers want.
  • To provide optimal financial services to customers, employees should have proper conduct and should respond with polite sayings and doings.
  • Group introduction booklet, all types of PR related notices and provisions should be placed at sales branch or posted up on the Internet website so that customers can access them or pick them up easily.
  • When catering to customers, employees need to use easy-to-understand and clear language, and should provide the information and service that are in line with customer demand fast and accurately.

Customer information management

  • Customer related information should not be disclosed to a third party without the consent of the customers in advance. However, this should be an exception of specified otherwise by the law.
  • Employees should not unlawfully utilize the information obtained in relation to group work or inform others of such information in order to transact securities or real estate auction.
  • Employees should not leak out any information obtained while carrying out work to the outside without approval obtained in advance or without the approval.
  • If customer credit information is to be provided to credit information company, then the procedure should abide by the law dictated procedure, and it should be necessary to obtain the written agreement of the applicable individual in advance.
  • If a party including executive and employee who is not related to a certain work asks for information, it is necessary to decide after verifying and reporting in accordance to the normal procedure.

Responsibility and obligation towards regional societies’ advancement

Region contribution

  • Employees need to maintain close organic relationship with the autonomous regional entity, local company and citizens’ group and should cooperate readily after being deeply aware of the importance of region specialized financial group.
  • All the executives and employees of the group should respect regional society’s social norm, strictly comply with the laws, take lead in rooting out financial crimes, and carry out the work in a direction that is in line with the region’s benefit.

Contribution to the regional advancement

  • Executives and employees’ voluntary involvement in volunteer work should be supported actively, and all the conditions should be set so that all the executives and employees can participate in social volunteer activity energetically.
  • The group’s role for contributing to the academics, art, culture and sports that enrich the regional society mentally should be carried out diligently in order to become a core of the regional society.
  • The group should create profit in a justified manner to grow into a sustainable company to contribute to the regional economy’s stabilization and growth.
  • The group should contribute to the region’s advancement by creating jobs and by paying tax diligently, and should become the group that journeys along with the regional society by providing financial support to all types of welfare groups, and by hosting events such as those intended to help the marginalized people in the region.

Disaster prevention and environmental protection

  • Disaster and risk prevention activities need to be actively practiced and should comply with relevant package of regulations.
  • Compliance with environmental laws and regulations that apply in all areas of group activities and respect international standards and practices to protect the environment
  • Environmental protection needs to be considered as a major factor when setting the procedures, policies and practices of the group. Also, tasks should be eco-friendly when performed.

Responsibility and obligation towards shareholders

Provision of diligent information

  • The group should actively provide reliable and resourceful information regarding the current status and outlook of the group to help the shareholders make an investment decision, and should open up the opportunity to participat4e in key decision-making.
  • The group should not idle when it comes to the placement of all types of official notices to enable shareholders to access them easily at all times.
  • The group should select a medium for communicating information to shareholders that is fasted, and most economic.

Equal treatment

  • All the shareholders including minority and foreign shareholders should be guaranteed equal treatment.

Protection of shareholder benefits

  • The group should diligently protect shareholders’ benefit by realizing profit and by making rational investment.
  • If a shareholder got its right infringed upon, it is necessary to apologize immediately and to promise prevention of recurrence, and the group should take the lead to provide the opportunity for recuperating shareholder’s rights.
  • The group should try to get justified evaluation that is in line with the corporate value via active PR and IR, both in and out of Korea.
  • The group should refrain from speculative work expansion or short term gain oriented behavior and should guarantee shareholder benefit.

 Strict financial control

  • The group should pay utmost attention to the drafting of accurate and perfect financial records in accordance to the generally accepted accounting principles.
  • The group should pay utmost attention to the drafting of accurate and perfect financial records in accordance to the generally accepted accounting principles.
  • The group should not form a capital pool that is not disclosed for any purpose, and should not input false or artificial information.

Responsibility and obligation towards employees

Fair human resources affairs

  • The group should motivate executives and employees by carrying out fair evaluation and compensation based on individuals’ competence and performance.
  • The group should not discriminate based on gender, education level, age, religion and hometown when it comes to executives and employees’ hiring and promotion, and all the employees should be treated fairly.
  • The group should build future oriented, co-existence and co-prosperity centered labor and management relationship based on trust and harmony.

Increase in the quality of life

  • Individuals’ characteristics and character should be respect, and diverse programs such as diverse forms of employment, training and leave system should be provided for to help them realize themselves.
  • All the necessary conditions are formed so that executives and employees can pursue after work using justified method.
  • Executives and employees need to try their best to increase the quality of life for themselves, their family members’ health, education and life after retirement.
  • The group should form a working environment that enables all the executives and employees to work healthy and safely.
  • The group should actively develop and execute programs that can increase employees’ quality of life such as creation of sophisticated cultural environment and expansion of welfare facilities.

Respect for autonomy and creativity

  • The group should not prioritize only the output, but also the means, and should treat mistake made while complying with the principles and basics with sense of affinity and words of encouragement.
  • All the authoritative elements should be eliminated when it comes to work handling and human relations, and an environment that enables all the employees to take self-initiative with conviction should be created.
  • Delegation of work to the subordinates is encouraged so that the working level can pursue after work with accountability.
  • Effective communication channel should be secured to prevent conflict in the group and communication channel that enables the employees to be creative should be made accessible.

Responsibility and obligation towards competitors and partners

Fair competition with other financial institutions

  • By respecting order of the capitalistic economy, fair competition against other financial institutions in accordance to the principles of free competition, and compliance with the antitrust laws.

The fair trade with subcontractors

  • Establish mutual trust & cooperate relationship with subcontractors, and subcontractors should respect the group’s general ethics ideology & contents as their own value.
  • Once a deal with the selected subcontractors proceed, we must first consider whether they correspond with our general principles of ethics.
  • When doing business with subcontractors, we should not force them to buy group products or services with superior status.

Responsibility and obligation towards the group

Protection of group’s properties

  • Employees should not use group’s properties for personal use, and all the executives and employees should try their best to focus only on the work itself during working hours.
  • False or exaggerated reporting should not be made for the benefit of specific individual or department, and important information should not be omitted, concealed or monopolized intentionally.
  • The group’s budget should be spent in a rational and transparent manner according to the regulated usage.
  • Group’s expenses should not be used for personal spending, especially for personal expenditure for congratulations and condolences using work activity expenses (incentive expenses and all other expenses).
  • Employees should not collect cash using false receipt.
  • Employees should not use group’s properties such as company car for personal use.
  • Employees should not expense personal entertainment cost as group expense.
  • Employees should not expense personal entertainment cost as group expense.

Prohibited interest conflict with the group

  • Employees should not conduct business for profit-making or become an employee of another organization without approval of the company.
  • Employees should not acquire the shares or assets of partner-company directly or indirectly using illegal method.
  • Selection and registration of partner-company for signing contract with the group should be carried out according to the rules set by the group, and equal opportunity should be granted based on free competition, targeting sufficient number of qualified companies.

Mutual respect among executives and employees

  • Employees should not criticize each other or slander using company’s communication net and should not express or engage in any verbal expression that can obstruct the organization’s solidarity among the colleagues and the superiors and subordinates.
  • Superiors should not hand down unlawful orders to the subordinates, and subordinates can clearly reject the superiors’ unlawful, unjustified order. If this is not corrected, then this should be reported to the next line up.
  • Employees should respect each other, adhere to etiquette, and should not make sexual jokes or make physical contact that can cause sexual humiliation. In addition to sexual molestation, employees should not engage in any behavior that disturb working environment.
  • Employees need to increase work efficiency by carrying out effective communication and cooperation with colleagues and with related departments.

Mutual gift for special occasion among executives and employees

  • Gift for special occasion should be provided according to the spirit of mutual aid, but an amount that can be burdensome should be refrained.
  • Try not to present wreath or flower pot that can create the sense of incompatibility among the colleagues when congratulating someone for promotion, promotional transfer or inauguration. If necessary, use the main branch’s phone or company’s IT network.
  • Money or valuables should not be provided to superior or money among the subordinates should not be pooled together for this end. However, this may not apply in case of the socially accepted gifts when the hierarchical relations ended officially due to retirement or career change, when there is a need to purchase simple food or beverage to ensure unity among the employees or when there is an event such as wedding, birthday or first-birthday party.

Acceptance of money or valuables and entertainment

  • Executives and employees should not accept money or valuables, entertainment, or comparable preferential help from customer, and other interested parties, and should not provide unfair benefit either.
  • Executives and employees should not encourage or condone the behavior specified in the previous clause.
  • Even the family member, relative and acquaintance’s accept of money or valuables and entertainment will be considered as the behavior of applicable executive and employee.
  • Executives and employees should not act as an agent for private financial loan to customer and should not lend money directly to the customer on a personal level.

Prohibition of Improper Solicitation and Money, Goods, etc. to Public Officials, etc

  • All executives and employees shall not provide improper solicitation and money, goods, etc. to any public officials, etc. determined by 「Improper solicitation and Graft Act」
  • The specific matters necessary for implementation shall be prescribed by internal regulations or business procedures of each company

Executives and employees’ self-management

  • Executives and employees need to strive all the time to maintain their dignity and honor after establishing highest level of ethics when carrying out their work and in their personal life.
  • Executives and employees need to focus on their self-development and to continue to undertake challenges in a progressive manner in the face of unlimited opportunities and the era of unlimited competition.
  • Executives and employees need to save and be frugal at all times, and should set example to others when it comes to their private life and should continue to maintain sense of voluntarism in everyday life.

Political activities and contribution

  • Executives and employees should not engage in political activities that support or oppose a specific political party, organization or specific candidate using the name of the group, using their task or in business.
  • Executives and employees should not seek unfair competitive advantage by offering illegal contribution, gifts, entertainment and accommodations to individuals or organization
  • Executives and employees should abide by relevant law and regulations in case of political or charitable organization