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Culture, art and sport sponsoring activities

Adding pleasure Culture, art and sport sponsoring activities for cultural communion with citizens

BNK Financial Group is promoting diverse culture and art activities to expand culture and art infrastructures of the region and contribute to cultural competitiveness by supporting neglected neighbors to enjoy the pleasure of culture and art, providing opportunities for sophisticated art experience, and constructing and operating performance stages. BNK Financial Group presents happy time with culture and art.

  • BNK Professional Golf Team photo

    BNK Professional Golf Team

    We created the first professional golf team in the region to train talented golfers. Unlike other golf teams, our team is comprised of rookies with high growth potential instead of famous golfers. The team provides the groundwork for realizing greater future dreams

  • Operation of Free Rental and Free Admission Galleries photo

    Operation of Free Rental and Free Admission Galleries

    We contribute to the development of regional culture and arts and creation of infrastructures through free rental of galleries at the head offices and Busan Sinchang-dong branch of Busan Bank and Gyeongnam Bank. We strive to improve regional culture and arts by exhibiting works of famous artists around the world.

  • Free cultural performances for citizens photo

    Free cultural performances for citizens

    We host free annual music concerts and invite citizens for an opportunity to watch sophisticated cultural performances

  • BNK Happy Music Camp photo

    BNK Happy Music Camp

    Galleries contribute to the training of talented artists and development of culture and arts by providing concentrated education based on concert lessons of best professors who studied overseas. Students can perform high quality instrument concert in short time.

  • Dulle-gil Walkathon photo

    Dulle-gil Walkathon

    Annual Dulle-gil Walkathon is hosted in Gyeongnam region (Changwon, Gimhae, Ulsan and Jinju) to help regional economy and enhance health of residents.