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Global Responsibility Activities

Adding rainbow mind Global Responsibility Activities that connect the world as one body

BNK Financial Group is growing to reach the global finance with the base set in the region. We deliver love to neighbors around the world based on the efforts we placed on the local community. We practice rainbow love through relief, human resource training and sharing.

  • Global Human Resource Training Project photo

    Global Human Resource Training Project

    We select high school graduates from low-income families of Vietnam with high proficiency in Korean language and offer an opportunity to study broad at five private universities of Busan. We provide scholarship, living expense and internship during vacation in collaboration with local universities. The Global Human Resource Training Project, supported by financial company, local private universities and the city of Busan, does not simply represent a global responsibility activity but also has the meaning of shared growth in the region.

  • Construction of schools in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam photo

    Construction of schools in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam photo

    For the ‘Busan Day’ event that celebrates the 20th anniversary of ‘Busan-Vietnam Ho Chi Minh’ sisterhood, we entered into an ‘agreement on school construction’ with the city of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and promised to provide project expense of 50,000 USD.
This school construction project is one of social contribution projects that has been promoted consistently ever since the opening of our office in Ho Chi Minh. We plan to select elementary schools in Ho Chi Minh to construct or remodel old classrooms and libraries, providing various educational equipment.

  • BNK Global Volunteer Group photo

    BNK Global Volunteer Group

    For global practice of group slogan aimed at “Happy Financing that delivers Hope,” BNK Financial Group launched “BNK Global Volunteer Group.” Our volunteer group planned to engage in overseas medical volunteer services in collaboration with regional universities and medical institutions; and participated in overseas social volunteer activities such as ‘well digging’ ‘school constructing’ ‘talent donation’ and ‘giving out free-meals’ with NGOs.