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neighbors Sharing and Community Support Activities

Adding happiness Delivering love of family to our neighbors Sharing and Community Support Activities

Local community is the soil that provides nutrients needed for growth of local financial groups. Busan Bank is a local company that has its root in the region. BNK Financial Group will continue its social contribution activities for the development of local community, and it will be loved by citizens. We will always stay by your side like a large tree that offers pleasant cooling shade.

  • BNK Kid Giggle Park photo

    BNK Kid Giggle Park

    We opened a public amusement water park open throughout the year for all citizens. We will make a happy facility full of laughter at all times to live up to its name

  • Empathy Charity Project photo

    Empathy Charity Project

    This is a cultural charity program that accumulates donations when people show empathy about stories of neighbors in need. Heart-touching stories are introduced by famous regional daily newspapers (Busan Daily and Kookje Daily) to spread the charity culture and help the development of local community by donating charity to neglected classes.

  • Vitalization of traditional markets photo

    Vitalization of traditional markets

    To help single-parent families and recipients of basic livelihood guarantee in preparing for holiday rites, we have been giving out gift certificates for traditional markets since 2008. This helps vitalize traditional markets of Buulgyeong

  • Happiness and Health Charity Stairs photo

    Happiness and Health Charity Stairs

    We are conducting a citizen-participatory charity activity where citizens who take subway are encouraged to use charity stairs instead of escalators to save public charity money.
This charity program has accomplished the purpose of charity and public health improvement by promoting public interest using public facilities.

  • Sharing of Love with Neglected Neighbors photo

    Sharing of Love with Neglected Neighbors

    We have projects to give away gift certificates for traditional markets, blankets and electric mats for hot summer and cold winter seasons to neglected neighbors of Busan, Ulsan and Gyeongnam. We also conduct various activities for neglected classes of the region such as sharing of red bean porridge and bathing and picnic services for disabled seniors.