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Environmentally Friendly Policy of BNK Financial Group is to be defined as a form of policy which acknowledges the environmental issues (i.e. climate change measures ㆍenergy reductionㆍresource depletion) as a crisis and focuses on ‘Risk Management’ through “Environmentally friendly Policy” and ‘Growth Chance,’ all acknowledged as integral parts of “Green Management”. The policy contains BNK Financial Group’s Environmentally Friendly Policy, written to minimize the environmental impact, and to turn crisis into opportunity as a principal finance institution.


BNK Financial Group’s Environmentally Friendly Policy pursues to minimize negative environmental impact through resource conservation and efficient energy consumption in business management activities. In terms of decision making, we consider corporate social responsibility to be very critical to fulfill the role of enterprise citizenship.


Environmentally Friendly Policy Vision

선도 Leading future oriented Environmentally Friendly management within the world of finance

Environmentally Friendly Policy Purpose

Enterprise-level environmental data system management

Environmentally Friendly Policy Strategy

Building an Environmentally Friendly Management System

  • Establishing Environmentally Friendly organization
  • Establishing Environmentally Friendly management strategy
  • Acquiring Environmentally Friendly management system

Accelerating Environmentally Friendly outcome management

  • Management of Environmentally Friendly data
  • Improvement of official response to climate change
  • Oversight of enterprise Environmentally Friendly management purpose
  • Establishment of an environmental management IT system

Developing Environmentally friendly service

  • Developing an Environmentally Friendly corporate loan service
  • Developing an Environmentally friendly personal loan service
  • Developing local environment improvement support service

Disclosure of Environmentally Friendly performance

  • Expanding high-efficiency energy saving culture
  • Improvement of employee consciousness
  • Voluntary disclosure of an Environmentally Friendly activities log
  • Notification of Environmentally friendly Policy


BNK Financial Group promotes Environmentally Friendly Policy as a principle management strategy. We reflect the needs of customers within Environmentally friendly finance to establish enthusiastic Environmentally friendly Policy throughout our company and continue oversight of our sustainable business model as the leader of green finance.

A.BNK Financial Group is establishing Environmentally friendly management governance.

BNK Financial Group minimizes environmental impact through an Environmentally friendly management strategy by building Environmentally friendly Policy that mandates group-wide social responsibility activities that fulfill its environmental responsibility. Furthermore, along with establishment of Environmentally friendly Policy, we are promoting efficient resource management through the establishment of an environment management system. We plan to further enhance the Environmentally friendly governance in the future.

B. BNK Financial Group has established an environment reporting system to manage the reduction of Greenhouse Gases.

BNK Financial Group is consistently putting in effort to use energy efficiently in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. To reduce the environmental impact within the local society, and to fulfill the Environmentally friendly responsibility of the corporate body, all working branches of BNK Financial Group manages energy usage rates and greenhouse gas emissions to create environmental data sets (energy/water usage, greenhouse gas/waste rate etc). For this very purpose, we are systematically managing and recording data to remain loyal to our principles of environment-friendly management.

C. BNK Financial Group recognizes climate change as an opportunity to develop Environmentally friendly commodities/services.

Climate change and resource depletion presents a critical risk for all international corporations, and demands for Environmentally friendly management from customers are increasing. BNK Financial Group has taken measure to respond to climate change, not as a risk, but as an opportunity to develop Environmentally friendly commodities and services as new growth power. BNK Financial Group is currently operating environment-friendly related commodities and services, such as ‘energy usage rationalization fund loan’, ‘green corporate priority loan’ etc.

D. BNK Financial Group is consistently working to disclose results on environment-friendly policy.

BNK Financial Group is providing an Environmentally friendly finance synthesis service in order to stay committed to our principle of ‘To world with the region, To future with customers’ and is guiding the financial world as an Environmentally friendly market leader. BNK Financial Group is currently carrying out large-scale energy reduction and resource conservation campaigns with the participation of all branch employees, such as the energy and resource saving plan, elevator usage limit, light-off, cool-biz etc. and is expanding overseas advertisement activity regarding Environmentally friendly policy. BNK Financial Group voluntarily discloses Environmentally friendly policy activities as part of its environmental responsibility and fulfills the right-to-know requirements for local inhabitants as part of our efforts to enhance the environmental management system. Through environmental preservation activities with regional bases, BNK encourages the external cooperation with local inhabitants and supports value creation both environmentally and socially through local participation.