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BNK Financial Group recognizes health and safety as the basic of corporate management and works hard to establish safety management based on commitment to the wellbeing of all employees and group-wide performance responsibilities. Likewise, health and safety impacts in management are pre-evaluated to establish purpose and specific plans for health and safety implementation to form ideal and safe environments within/out of the company.


BNK Financial Group recognizes ‘Health and Safety Policy’ as a crucial principle policy in our management and shall practice our policies committedly in consideration for responsibility of all employees, including the C.E.O. BNK Financial Group shall establish a systematic management system, appoint and establish health and safety managers to be in charge of creating policy and ensuring health and safety of all employees and stakeholders.

  • All employees and stake holders are required to display an understanding of the importance of Health and Safety system and follow the Health and Safety Policy in management activities. Health and Safety is a top priority in all decision-making processes related to workplace environments.
  • BNK Financial Group shall appoint environment safety managers in branches, including HQ, to carry out strategy and documented principal policy related to Health and Safety issues and to establish a voluntary monitoring system.
  • BNK Financial Group shall provide with periodic education, training, to employees to nurture employee understanding of the environment-friendly management system related to Health and Safety.
  • BNK Financial Group shall comply, not only with policies found within its corporate structure, but also with Health and Safety agreements and domestic Health and Safety laws to minimize the environmental impact in local communities.
  • BNK Financial Group will disclose Health and Safety related information to all employees and stakeholders to be transparent in its business activities and to fulfill corporate responsibility related to the Health and Safety of employees.
  • BNK Financial Group shall adopt a certified Health and Safety risk management monitoring process for continuous improvement.


Health and Safety Policy vision

Practicing Happy Finance through Health and Safety Management

Health and Safety Policy purpose

Creation of Health and Safety accident prevention and ideal working environments

Health and Safety Policy strategy

Establishing Health and Safety Policy in governance

  • Establishing Health and Safety exclusive charge organization
  • Establishing Health and Safety strategy
  • Establishing group-wide Health and Safety education system

Implementation of Health and Safety Policy system

  • Understanding risks and laws associated with Health and Safety
  • Enhancement of Health and Safety measures
  • Implementation of Health and Safety purposes

Committed improvement to Health and Safety Policy system

  • Internal audit of Health and Safety Policy system
  • Purpose management of Health and Safety Policy system
  • Compliance of Social responsibility and Health and Safety system