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  • Risk management refers to the process of identifying and assessing risks of money laundering, etc.
  • Customer risk ratings are divided into three ratings (high, moderate and low), and customer due diligence (CDD) must be performed differentially depending on the customer risk ratings.

Risk management system

To identify risks of money laundering, the country risk, the customer risk and the product and service risk must be taken into account, and, during the risk assessment, risk assessment factors and the importance of each one must be determined considering the environment and characteristics of business management.

A. Country risk

  • It refers to the risk of money laundering since the financial transaction environment of a country is vulnerable and is assessed based on data from reputable institutions.

B. Customer risk

  • It refers to the risk of money laundering caused by the characteristics of the customers conducting financial transactions and is assessed using factors such as industries, occupations, transaction types, transaction frequency, etc.

C. Product and service risk

  • It refers to the risk of the products and services, provided by financial institutions to customers, being used for money laundering and is assessed using factors such as types of products and services, transaction channels, etc.

Procedure and system of risk assessment

A. Risk assessment variables

  • For risk assessment, variables including countries, customers, and products and services are used to define the attribute of risks.
Risk Attributes Risk Category Risk Assessment Variable
Transaction risk Product and service Transaction product
Channel Transaction channel
Customer risk Individual Country Nationality
Identity Foreigner (Y/N)
Customer Occupation/industry
Corporation Country Nationality
Identity Nationality
Customer Industry
Type of corporation
Action risk Suspicious transaction No. of STR_Alerts
No. of STR reports
Cash transaction No. of CTR reports
Transaction history Duration of transactions

B. Risk assessment model
          Risk attributes are used to define risk assessment models based on the type of customer/target.