B.N.K BNK Financial Group

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Management Philosophy

To the world with region, to a better future with customers

Management Vision

Global Best Regional Financial Group

Management Goal

Qualitative Growth and Profitability Maximization
- 2020 Asia Top 40 -

Strategy Direction

Profit-Oriented, Synergy-Oriented, Specialization-Oriented, Convergence-Oriented

Strategiy Goal

  • Game Changers : Differential status for each subsidiary
  • Reinforce Innovation : Reinforcement of responsive capacity against innovative finance
  • Evolving Channel : Client-oriented sales and future-oriented channel strategy
  • Asia Leading : Asia-centered global expansion
  • Total Financial Service : Combined financial specialized model establishment (CIB, WM)
  • Be Together : Group corporate culture foundation and synergy maximization
  • No.1 in Risk Management : Group total risk management system establishment
  • Knowing Customers : Region-attached relational finance and reinforced social contribution

Management Principles

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Value Creation
  • Win Win Strategy
  • Employee happiness

Core Values

  • Customer-oriented
  • challenge and innovation
  • responsibility and trust
  • communication and teamwork