B.N.K BNK Financial Group

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Management Philosophy

To the world with region, to a better future with customers

Management Vision

Global Best Regional Financial Group

Strategy Goals

GROW 2023
- Great Financial Group (ROE 10%)
- Race for Global (Global 5%)
- Optimized Digital Experience (Customer on Demand)
-Well-balanced Portfolio (Non-banking Affiliates 30%)

Strategiy Goals

  • Strength competitiveness of banking affiliates
  • Intensify non-banking affiliates for rapid growth and high return
  • Reinforce WM Business as a new growth engine
  • Expand CIB Business
  • Transformation to Digital Financial Group
  • Expand Global Business in long-term perspective
  • Stabilization cash-cow affiliates

Core Values

  • Cooperation
  • Challenge
  • Openness
  • Integrity
  • Proximity