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    • Customer-oriented
    • Challenge and Innovation
    • Responsibility and Trust
    • Communication and Teamwork

Core Values: Fundamental values that the executives and staff pursue according to the Management Principles.


The BNK employee mentality of always thinking of customer-oriented service and putting the customer interests first in order to move their hearts.

Challenge and Innovation

  • Not settling for the status quo, but take the challenge towards higher goals.
  • Move away from stereotypes, but push ahead with constant change with creative and productive thinking.

Responsibility and Trust

  • Practice social responsibility for the local community and the customer.
  • Strive to become financial expert most trusted by the customer.

Communication and Teamwork

  • With good communication through consideration and respect between affiliates, between departments, between employees, we work together towards our common goal.
  • Form the best teamwork based on a sense of unity among all executives and staff.